Delivery Dates: Friday, May 3 | Friday, May 10

Place your order now! We are only accepting 20 orders this year.

Sandbox Fill orders will be OPEN until midnight (12 a.m.) on Friday, April 30.

Deliveries begin Friday, May 3 from 5 p.m. to dusk and Friday, May 10 from 5 p.m. to dusk. If you have a change to your delivery or questions, please call Kyle at 605.338.9741.

Building a new sandbox for your kids? Has the sand in your sandbox mysteriously disappeared? 

The Sioux Falls Jaycees will deliver sand right to your sandbox for a reasonable rate and save you the trouble! This project helps community members fill kids sandboxes, provide sand for new patios, and fill in their fire pits. Let us do the work so your family can enjoy their sandbox or project all summer long.

Want to help? Donations & Volunteers Welcome!

We rely on community donations to make the event happen. If you can lend us wheelbarrows (5-6 cu. ft.), shovels, pickups with bed liners, pickups with hitches, trailers, larger trucks (with licensed driver, if required) or a skid loader, please contact us. Your support of this project helps us continue to support our community. Thank you!


A big thank you goes to Hardscapes by Concrete Materials for their annual donation of many tons of sand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time will you arrive at my house?

A: Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a time that we will arrive. If you think you may not be home when we stop and have not prepaid, you may leave a check taped to the door addressed to the Sioux Falls Jaycees and we will leave you a receipt. If you have concerns, feel free to give us a call! We normally start mid-morning and continue to dark. If we cannot fill all orders on the same day, we will continue the next day or later that week. We will call you if we can't make it to your address on the scheduled day and make arrangements to come another time.

Q: How many wheelbarrows of sand should I order?

A: All recommendations are based on a 6" deep sandbox. If you don't feel that you need the full amount recommended, feel free to adjust as needed on the day of delivery. See recommendations below.

4'x4': 2 Wheelbarrows Recommended.

6' Diameter Tire: 3 Wheelbarrows Recommended.

6'x6': 4 Wheelbarrows Recommended.

8'x8': 6 Wheelbarrows Recommended.

10'x10' (or larger): Truck Load Recommended.

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$35* Delivery Charge per Stop (Includes 1 (6 cu. ft.) wheelbarrow.)

$50* Delivery Charge per Stop (Includes 2 (6 cu. ft.) wheelbarrows.)

$100* Truck Load (Includes 12 wheelbarrows PLUS an additional 5 wheelbarrows (A $25 VALUE)

$5 for Each Additional Wheelbarrow 

*$5 Delivery Charge added to Every Order

$15 additional delivery charge to locations outside of the Sioux Falls city limits. This includes deliveries to:

• Baltic
• Beresford
• Brandon
• Canton
• Colton
• Dell Rapids
• Harrisburg
• Hartford
• Lennox
• Lyons
• Tea

Please place order below. 

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